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Customized Just-In-Time Login Workflow

It's common for deployments to need custom actions after a user logs in. These actions might mean onboarding into specific groups, adding objects to your cluster, or any other number of actions that you require. A common example is creating a namespace specifically for the logged in user in which they are the admin and are able to use as a sandbox. Assuming you are using the OpenUnison Namespace as a Service you can use this workflow as a starting point. This workflow:

  1. Converts the user's login id to something that will work as a Namespace. For instance, if the user's login is an email address, the @ and . are converted to numeric codes.
  2. Prepends user-ns- to the user id to determine the new Namespace name.
  3. Creates a group for managing access to the new Namespace.
  4. Adds the user to the new group.
  5. Creates a Namespace.
  6. Creates a RoleBinding for the ClusterRole admin to the newly created group
  7. Reloads the user's identity to provide access to the new Namespace

Assuming you don't want to make any changes, to deploy:

kubectl apply -f

Next, update your values.yaml to include openunison.post_jit_workflow with the name of your custom Workflow, in this case create-user-namespace and update your orchestra-login-portal helm deployment:

helm upgrade orchestra-login-portal tremolo/orchestra-login-portal --namespace openunison -f /path/to/values.yaml

The next time a user logs into OpenUnison, they'll have their own Namespace! This workflow can be customized in any number of ways, such as by adding a ResourceQuota in the Workflow to limit how much resources the user's sandbox can consume.