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Custom Logos

If you want to use your own logos instead of Tremolo Security's logo, you'll need to create 3 PNG files:

Filename Dimmensions Use
ts_logo.png 294w x 103h Login and error pages
logo-desktop.png 144w x 59h Small logo in upper left hand corner on larger/desktop windows
logo-mobile.png 646w x 220h Large logo used when the window is compressed or on a mobile screen

Create a ConfigMap in the openunison namespace:

kubectl create ConfigMap custom-logos -n openunison --from-file=/path/to/logos

Update your values.yaml file by adding openunison.html.logosConfigMap with the name of the ConfigMap:

    logosConfigMap: custom-logos

Finally, upgrade your helm deployments:

helm upgrade orchestra tremolo/orchestra -n openunison -f /path/to/values.yaml
helm upgrade orchestra-login-portal tremolo/orchestra-login-portal -n openunison -f /path/to/values.yaml

Once all containers are running again, your logos will appear instead of Tremolo Security's logos.